A Comprehensive Lowdown on Car Servicing

One of the biggest price points to consider when entering car ownership is servicing. Car servicing is an essential element that shouldn’t be overlooked, especially in climates such as the Sunshine Coast, where the salt air and heat will be naturally impacting your vehicle. Some dealerships work car servicing into the warranty or loan agreements, some cars are built with a servicing alert, and some cars may never get serviced until it is far too late. So how important is car servicing? And is it something you need to prioritise? Read on for the complete lowdown on all things car servicing…

What’s involved in a car service?

It can be daunting to hand your car over to a mechanic when there is seemingly nothing wrong with it. You may worry about the cost, the time without a car, or an issue appearing where there wasn’t one before. However, a car is a very complex and powerful piece of machinery comprised of many moving parts, some intricate and some major. These many different parts move together to generate friction and perform a perfect harmony to keep your car moving as it should. 

There are three main types of services: general service, interim service and full service. General service is the most common type where the mechanic will check your car for signs of damage and ensure your fluids are level. An interim service is essential for those who drive their cars under extreme circumstances such as high speeds, rough terrain or hefty towing. A full service is the most thorough type of service and will cover every element of your car including the steering, engine, tyres and suspension, to ensure complete safety and health. Every car will have different servicing requirements, with some needing them more often than others, especially if they are heavily and consistently used. Generally, most cars will need some type of service every six months to ensure they are safe and reliable to drive. 

Why does a car need servicing?

Cars can develop a wide range of problems if not addressed efficiently by a professional. The car’s engine oil and fluids can have the biggest impact on the functionality of the rest of the vehicle and can be responsible for the engine either thriving or failing. These elements impact the fuel efficiency and performance of the vehicle and can lead to dangerous failings if not kept maintained. The fluid check performed during a servicing will include important aspects such as the brake fluids and coolant to keep your car stopping when it should and cool as it drives long distances. 

A car service will allow you to drive your car with complete peace of mind, knowing that you’re keeping your family and other drivers safe with a car that will start when you need it to and get you there safely. If your mechanic notices any problems, they can come up with an action plan to fix it, often indicating whether it is urgent or if it can wait until your next checkup. 

Safety is the most important reason to have your car regularly checked by a professional but there are also financial benefits, where you will be sparing yourself and your car from larger, more insurmountable problems occurring down the line. If you choose to sell your car, a full-service history will go a long way in securing a buyer and may even add thousands to the sale price. 

Why car servicing is even more important on the Sunshine Coast…

Sunshine Coast locals are lucky enough to enjoy perfect weather, salty breezes and rolling waves for most of the year, but the impact this has on their cars is not so enjoyable. Saltwater damages cars in more complex ways than you may think, and humid ocean air contains saltwater residues that can corrode metal and impact elements such as the paint, car seats, nuts, bolts and brakes. Additionally, with temperatures soaring well about 20 degrees Celsius during most of the year, Sunshine Coast cars are susceptible to the impact caused by heat. Leaving your battery unchecked under sweltering temperatures can cause the fluids in the battery to evaporate and damage the internal workings of the car. Additionally, hot weather can weaken the connections within the battery terminal. These elements and more will be addressed by our mechanics who know Sunshine Coast cars in and out along with their needs and risk factors.

Regular maintenance goes a long way for both the interior and exterior of your car. Just as you would wash your car, you should use a mechanic to go through the interior of your car to save you heartache, damage and money in the long run. 

Bliss Mechanics are fully equipped to meet your car servicing needs. With a combined 60 years of experience and the ability to address your cars full range of requirements - we are here to get your car on the road quickly without hassle, through honesty, quality workmanship and reliability. 

Contact us today to book your servicing on 5325 1120.

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