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Our service solutions are available for every kind of vehicle: petrol, diesel or otherwise! Our professional team of qualified mechanics can provide any kind of servicing needs, whether basic, logbook or warranty.

We take care of petrol vehicles with our extensive knowledge and experience with all vehicle types. This can especially include a fuel system service which we can do to keep your car running smoothly. This type of service includes both a chemical cleaning of the system and a replacement of old or worn parts. Petrol filters often need replacing and other parts that could be worn include fuel pumps or injectors.

Looking for an upgrade? We can help you with performance and power upgrades to get the most out of your car.  
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Reliable Service

You can trust us with your car or vehicle for all its petrol servicing needs. We are committed to bringing back honesty and integrity to the automotive industry and will make sure your vehicle is taken care of by qualified professionals. Enjoy our old school approach to business that is friendly, professional and most of all – reliable.

Fast Turnarounds

We know your vehicle is imperative to your ability to move around, work and do day to day life.

Our services are thorough and high quality, while also still being prompt to get you back on the road and back to your regular routine in no time. 

Fleet Servicing

Is the car you are needing to service for your work or business and part of a fleet?  We make fleet servicing easy for Sunshine Coast businesses.  We have a scheduling system that keeps track of when services are needed, pick up and drop off options and even outside of business hours solutions to make taking care of your work cars easy. 
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