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Fleet Servicing Sunshine Coast

Cars are an imperative part of many Sunshine Coast businesses, and we are here to make your fleet servicing and maintenance easy. Focus on the important parts of your business and let us take care of your vehicles with regular log book servicing and repair solutions. 

Our scheduling system will keep track of when your vehicles are next due for their service.  You will get reminders that it's time for the car's service, meaning they will be checked regularly, which will prevent any avoidable major issues from occuring later down the track. 

To make it even easier for busy businesses, we can offer pick up and drop off services as well as weekend and night service options, so your vehicles aren’t off the road any longer than they need to be.

We also work with Smartfleet Australia, so if you are looking for ways of making your fleet management easier - we can be a part of that.
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Fleet Management Made Simple

Fleet management is no small task, yet it must be done well to ensure driver safety plus compliance of costs and efficiency. Your vehicles and drivers are some of the biggest investments and assets of your fleet and without correct fleet management, you could be looking at a huge cost to replace such investments. There are many ways to fail compliance checks, which must be carried out regularly, including small issues such as incorrect tyre pressure.

Our team can come alongside you to support your fleet management with expertise to minimise the risk of downtime and prevent you from paying more than you have to in fines and urgent repairs. We understand what it takes to operate a successful fleet in Queensland and across Australia, and can help with all aspects of your fleet maintenance and management.

Regular vehicle maintenance and fleet preventative service can save your company money in the long run, with rotated tyres increasing mileage and frequent oil changes keeping the engines running smoother for longer. If your vehicle needs to be taken off the road for major repairs, however, your company could be at risk of financial ruin in the time it takes to bring the vehicle back from the brink. With the data collection and vehicle familiarity of your regular fleet servicing mechanics, you will be setting your fleet up for the best chance at long term success.
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Fleet Maintenance for Optimal Performance

Proper fleet maintenance will keep your drivers safe and on the road for longer, making each vehicle efficient on fuel, reliable, and an asset to your company. Prevention is always the best solution, and developing a fleet maintenance schedule in real-time will ensure your vehicles comply with safety and operational protocols, and that they can complete their work on time.

Getting the most from your fleet is only possible if every vehicle is well maintained with quick repairs and regular servicing. From Toyota to Holden and everything in between, the need to maintain your vehicle is constant. If you plan on resale or getting the most value out of your fuel, servicing becomes even more essential.

Depending on the industry and environment of your fleet, servicing may need to be carried out sooner than recommended for standard use. Your fleet managers will be able to discuss the service needs and potential repairs along with any red flags to keep your drivers as safe as can be on the roads. Fleet management and regular fleet service protocols help our customers to get the highest return of investment on their vehicles, allowing them to budget for use, wages and repairs so there are fewer hidden surprises overall.
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Quality Mechanics for Your Fleet

We have customers in a range of industries with fleets of all kinds, and we are accustomed to maintaining anything from the work car to trailers and heavy vehicles. With pricing to suit your budget, we have the equipment, experience, and skill to keep your fleet running at optimum performance.

Don't put your job, your vehicles or your workers on the line. Get quality mechanics for your fleet.
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Fleet Servicing Includes:

Night and weekend work options to keep your vehicles on the road in business hours.
Automated system with reminders for servicing and maintenance to ensure your fleet stays up to date.
Fast turn arounds and prompt servicing and repairs.
Compatibility with Smartfleet Australia if you are using them to manage your fleet already.
Professional industry knowledge that appreciates the needs of your business and fleet vehicles.
High level of customer service, with fast and reliable communication and response times.
Basic, logbook and warranty servicing options.
Our high standard, friendly, professional care from qualified mechanics.
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