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Take care of your diesel cars, vans, and vehicles with our qualified mechanics. Diesel servicing is imperative to ensure your diesel engines last. We have two fully qualified and highly experienced diesel mechanics that know everything there is to know about servicing, maintaining, and repairing diesel vehicles. From pumps to fuel injectors to engines, we have got your diesel vehicle covered.

Getting your 4WD ready for a trip?  Want to do some performance upgrades on your car? We can offer a number of solutions to maximise the performance and power of your 4x4 or other vehicle.  We can set you up with everything from bull bars, winches, recovery points, exhuasts, suspension upgrades and more. 

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Our Diesel Services...

Will get your diesel vehicle operating in peak condition, getting you the maximum output possible.
Always come with friendly service from qualified professionals.
Come with professional industry knowledge from our qualified diesel mechanics.
Will have your vehicle back on the road fast, with as little downtime as possible.
Can cover all your vehicle’s needs, whether it’s a car, truck, van, or 4WD.
Offer a wide vareity of performance and power upgrade options.
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