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Take care of your diesel cars, vans, and vehicles with our qualified mechanics. Diesel servicing is imperative to ensure your diesel engines last. We have two fully qualified and highly experienced diesel mechanics that know everything there is to know about servicing, maintaining, and repairing diesel vehicles. From pumps to fuel injectors to engines, we have got your diesel vehicle covered.

Getting your 4WD ready for a trip?  Want to do some performance upgrades on your car? We can offer a number of solutions to maximise the performance and power of your 4x4 or other vehicle.  We can set you up with everything from bull bars, winches, recovery points, exhuasts, suspension upgrades and more. 

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Our Diesel Mechanical Services

Will get your diesel vehicle operating in peak condition, getting you the maximum output possible.
Always come with friendly service from qualified professionals.
Come with professional industry knowledge from our qualified diesel mechanics.
Will have your vehicle back on the road fast, with as little downtime as possible.
Can cover all your vehicle’s needs, whether it’s a car, truck, van, or 4WD.
Offer a wide vareity of performance and power upgrade options.

All Types Of Diesel Vehicle Services Available

We offer all three types of diesel vehicle services you may need...

Interim Diesel Engine Servicing

Mechanics perform interim diesel engine servicing every 6,000 miles or six months, whichever comes sooner. These services include checking your lights, steering, suspension, fluid levels and engine oil. We may also inspect the drive belt or offer an oil filter replacement, depending on what you tell us about your vehicle.

Full Diesel Vehicle Servicing

Full diesel vehicle servicing takes the process further, offering more comprehensive maintenance. You should get a full diesel vehicle service every 12,000 miles or 12 months, whichever comes sooner.

Full servicing includes everything included in an interim service plus additional vehicle checks on your vehicle. For instance, we might inspect the parking brake, check wheel bearings, and replace air filters. Diesel cars may also require fuel filter replacement if dirty.

Major Diesel Vehicle Servicing

You should get major diesel vehicle servicing every 24,000 miles or two years. This type of service is the most comprehensive and ensures every element of your vehicle is roadworthy. Typically, it includes changing vehicle parts that require servicing less routinely, such as the brake fluid and automatic transmission oil. We may also conduct battery tests, replace your allergy filter and check your spark plugs, replacing them if necessary.

How Long Do Diesel Vehicle Services Take?

Diesel vehicle service times vary in length depending on the type of service you need.

Interim services typically take between 60 and 90 minutes. Most new, modern vehicles don’t require much work because manufacturers build them to make maintenance more convenient.

Full services take around three hours if there are no clutch or transmission issues. If there are problems, you may require engine disassembly. In this case, servicing could take longer.

When we receive your car, we will tell you how long it will take to service and you’ll get an estimate for when your vehicle will be ready to collect. We will call you if we discover additional issues, letting you know how long they will take to fix and how much it will cost.

Why Choose Us?

Our customers love what we do here at Bliss Mech. Here are some of the reasons they keep coming back.

Friendly, professional service. You won’t find any rude, inattentive mechanics here. At Bliss Mech, we listen to your requirements carefully and work politely. If there is an issue with your car requiring your attention, we will let you know immediately.

Performance and power upgrade options are available. Diesel vehicles can sometimes lack oomph. Fortunately, with us, you can get a range of power upgrades that make your vehicle drive better.

Fast turnarounds. Our team will have you back on the road in no time. We prioritise all jobs because we understand how much you need your vehicle.

Professional industry knowledge. Bliss Mech’s mechanics know everything there is to know about diesel engines and vehicles. If your motor has a problem, we have the fix.

Get your vehicle operating in peak condition. Our mechanics make your vehicle feel like new again. We replace parts strategically, letting you get the most out of your car and avoid breakdowns where possible.

Fix any problem. No matter what issues you are experiencing with your diesel vehicle, we can solve them. Our team can provide expert diagnostics to tell you precisely what’s wrong and perform factory-scheduled services. Get fuel pump replacement, batteries supplied and fitted, water pump inspection and repair and full sensor testing when you come to us.

No compromise on quality. We never compromise on quality. Our team brings you affordable prices while only using OEM or approved parts from trusted manufacturers.
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